Psalms 137 & 126

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Guitars, Ps. 137 vocals: Alan Humm
Ps. 126 vocals: Devon Trevarrow Flaherty
Bass: Shawn Foerst
Drum: Chuck Kuhlmann

Psalms 137 & 126

© 2020 Alan Humm

Lyrics (in PDF)


The Psalm translations from Hebrew are my own. Repetitions are added to fill out the music, but are generally not part of the Psalms (not to be confused with parallelism,1 which is common). I chose these two Psalms largely because the former describes the situation (The Babylonian captivity) whose resolution seems to be celebrated in the latter (the restoration). I should note that not all scholars find that connection convincing,2 suggesting that it may refers to a different time of restoration.

1 Parallelism is where you have two or more lines saying very similar things (see Poetry in the Bible: Parallelism for several examples). The Psalms do have some straight repitition, but much less frequently (see Psalm 136, which has both repetition and parallelism).

2 Notably, Mitchell Dahood in the Anchor Bible commentary on the Psalms.

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