Christmas Eve

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Pad, woodwinds programming, guitars, bass, male vocals: Alan Humm
Female vocals: Devon Trevarrow Flaherty
Drums: Pro Tools stock

Christmas Eve

Or listen while waching a Christmas slideshow on YouTube.

© 2018 Alan Humm

Lyrics (in PDF)


Both the lyrics and the music of the hymn portion are ‘traditional,’ meaning no one knows who wrote them. They were both published in the early 1800s (Lyrics: Davies Gilbert, Some ancient Christmas carols, 1822. Tune: Sandys, Christmas Carols, 1833). I got them from Dearmer, et. al, The Oxford book of carols, 1928.

The bridge(s) (“Rejoice, rejoice,” etc.), and the arrangement are mine.

There are two different traditional tunes (found in Gilbert and Sandys, respectively). If the opening instrumental and the coda in this arrangement sound a little primitive in terms of harmonies, it is because they consist of the two tunes played together (Gilbert's in the English horn, and Sandys' in the flute). The melody used in the song proper is (based on) the one in the Sandys collection.

The lyrics were archaic, so I have updated the language, trying, as much as possible, to maintain the author's intention. The older lyrics are included as well in the endnotes, in case you are interested.

Like the last two years, I did a slideshow to accompany the music, which is on YouTube. If you feel like listening to it with visuals (traditional paintings), go for it.

There is also a web page with the pictures from the slideshow, which includes information about the artists, dates, titles, etc. — if I know them.
Pictures page

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