Fantasy for beginning strings

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This was originally performed in Apr. 1978. Unfortuantely, I messed up the recording, so this 'performance' comes from Finale® using Garritan® strings.

Fantasy for beginning strings

© 2016 Alan Humm

Lyrics (in PDF)


I should explain what I mean by ‘beginning’ strings. This is not a piece for third-graders or even middle-schoolers (depending on their skill level). It was written for a college string class targeted at music-education students. Most of the students had never played a string instrument at the beginning of the semester, but all were reasonably skilled on some other instrument(s)—they were, after all, music majors.

An earlier version of this piece was, indeed, performed by such a class (I was one of the students, even though I was in composition rather than music-ed). I did record it, but sadly, managed to screw up the recording. In any case, I have quite recently tweaked it based on things that, IMHO, worked or not-so-much in that preliminary performance.

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