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Table of Contents

Prepared by Alan Humm

Buying a guitar

For Beginners
The Sound Box
Steel Guitars
Electric Pickups

Really tuning the guitar (for the non-beginner)

Top of page
Electronic tuners
Tuning by ear
   5th-4th fret method
   Harmonics method
   Octaves method
   Chord method
   Fixed note method

Chord charts for Guitar

Basic guitar chords
2, 6, 9, suspension, and half-diminished chords

Closed (mobile/orchestral/barre) Chords

Closed chords I
Closed chords II
Closed chords III

Chords, as close to root position as possible, grouped by name

Piano Keyboard with note names C chords C chords C#/Db chords D chords D chords D#/Eb chords E chords E chords F chords F chords F#/Gb chords G chords G chords G#/Ab chords A chords A chords A#/Bb chords B chords B chords Press the appropriate piano key
to get the chord set for that note.

On-line Tools

Guitar Tuner
Online chromatic tuner
Computer Metronome


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